Bohus Djup Tallrik 2-pack Nybro
Bohus Djup Tallrik  2-pack
Bohus Djup Tallrik  2-pack
Bohus Djup Tallrik  2-pack in the group Serving & Tableware / Plates & Bowls / Breakfast bowls at ArtGlassVista (45408)

Bohus Djup Tallrik 2-pack

Artist: Nybro
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    Bohus from Nybro Crystal is a classic. The series have various bowls, dishes and plates. All the products in the series are perfect for serving. Bohus has been in the product line for Nybro Crystal since the start.
    Height: 0 mm
    Width: 180 mm

    Nybro Glasbruk started in 1935. During the 30s, 40s and 50s, the glassworks manufactured mainly dinner and small plates, drinking glasses and bowls, and unlike other glassworks also manufactured shoe shining cream jars in large volumes! In the 60's and 70's, Nybro Glasbruk began manufacturing glass parts for the smithy and lamp industry. Best selling products during this period included glass handles for kitchens and bathrooms. Not until early 1980s an initiative focusing on Nybro Glasbruk own designers began. Thus finer stemware and gift glass development and production launched. Own collections were formed as well as sport event prizes development took off. Nybro Glasbruk was a supplier to two Olympic Games, Lake Placid 1980 and Sarajevo 1984. In the mid 80's, navy blue glass? "Bohus" was Nybro Glasbruk’s bestseller and is still found in many homes around Sweden. Nybro Glasbruk chose to develop and focus on glass painting techniques in the 21st century, which the glasswork is very famous for today!

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    Bohus Laxfat
    Bohus Skål Kutter
    19€ (23€)
    Bohus Skål Räktrålare
    35€ (49€)
    Bohus Skål Sillskuta
    20€ (28€)

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