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Emma in the group Interior design / Lighting / Glass paintings at ArtGlassVista (20210931)


Artist: Yvonne Heinonen
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    About Backlight ArtworkBacklight Artwork can be compared to a lithograph with the difference that it is printed on glass. The whiteboard is fully equipped with illumination that makes the subject shine and gives an evocative and floating impression to the viewer. You get a nice motif on the wall but at the same time also a very pleasant lighting. Backlight Artwork fits in every home, business, hotel, restaurant and any public space.Suspension of glass boardThe frame is made of wood, lighting is articulated, the glass is 6 mm tempered glass and the board weighs 8 kg. The length of the cord is 2400 mm
    The glass paintings from GlasVision are produced using a brand new technique called Imago. This new technique makes it possible to create a painting on a glass surface. The paintings are carefully selected by the artists and produced by GlasVision. These paintings are only available in a limited basis and they are all numbered and signed. The tempered glass is 6mm thick and each painting comes with a LED backlit wooden frame, which can by easily fastened to the wall using two crews. When the frame is siting in place the glass painting in then put between the lugs located in the painting’s front edge. The paintings are suitable for almost any setting, whether it is in your home, office, hotel, restaurant, conferance room or elsewhere.

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