Carat Globe Large Limited Edition Orrefors
Carat Globe Large Limited Edition
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Carat Globe Large Limited Edition

Artist: Lena Bergström
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    The Carat serie is inspired by Lena Bergström's fascination for jewels and gemstones. It consists of a modern bar range, exclusive candleholders and stoppers for wine and bar bottles. The bar range is about conveying a luxurious and exclusive feeling which make the glasses modern, youthful and cheeky. The candleholders evoke the genuine feel of cut diamonds stacked on top of each other in this regal candleholder of brushed stainless steel. The bottle stoppers City Stoppers are hand cut in six luxurious shapes, architectonical and specifically designed to highlight all the positive characteristics of the glass. . This is design technique development in the true Orrefors spirit.
    Height: 250 mm
    Width: 305 mm
    Across the world people associate Orrefors with beautiful crystal. Both the art glass and the utility glass make our everyday a bit more beautiful. In collaboration with their talented designers Orrefors presents a new crystal collection every spring and autumn. The collection is produced in an unlimited edition. Orrefors art glass is always produced in a limited edition. The artists work very freely with the limited art glass to develop, or discover new techniques and expressions.

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