Clear Apple Medium Bergdalahyttan
Clear Apple medium
Clear Apple medium in the group Interior design / Decoration / Sculptures at ArtGlassVista (42250)

Clear Apple medium

Artist: Bergdalahyttan
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    A classic that never goes out of date is the shape of an Apple. The apple is available today in different sizes and designs.
    Height: 85 mm
    Width: 80 mm
    The Bergdala area of Sweden has been producing glass since 1889. The glasswork Bergdalahyttan is most famously known for their product line called Blåkant. This is a handmade glassware series that features a thin blue line on top edge, the Bergdala troll and a signature all in glass. Bergdalahyttan is also the only glasswork in Sweden with a wooden roof and flooring, which creates a genuine atmosphere of true craftsmanship that is rarely seen these days.