EM77 Termoskanna 1 L, Warm Maroon Stelton
EM77 Termoskanna 1 L, Warm Maroon
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EM77 Termoskanna 1 L, Warm Maroon

Artist: Stelton
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    The classic EM77 thermos jug from Stelton is an award winner and design icon from 1977. Stelton's EM77 is also a bestseller and one of the most popular products. The EM77 series orders the thermos jug, coffee press and a little something else that makes everyday life a little more fun. Stelton's EM77 is suitable for everyone and the functional design makes it work for all occasions. There is one that suits everyone.
    Diameter: 105 mm
    Height: 300 mm
    Width: 170 mm
    The Stelton brand has a history that goes back more than 50 years. Stelton is a world-famous Danish brand and one of the first to design products for the dining table. Be inspired by design classics that never go out of date. Stelton fits in a variety of environments and cultures. The basis for Stelton is good, Scandinavian design with quality, which has also created Stelton's iconic and functional articles to make everyday life a little easier.