Piggelin Svart Bergdalahyttan
Piggelin black
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Piggelin black

Artist: Bergdalahyttan
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    Bergdalahyttan is presenting a special casing containing a moonshine bottle along with 6 shot glasses from the "Piggelin" series. The lid also works as a serving tray for the Piggelin shot glasses. The casing is made from birch veneer and the lid is treated to handle spills.The casing is produced in Åryd, situated in southern Sweden.
    Height: 80 mm
    Width: 50 mm
    The Bergdala area of Sweden has been producing glass since 1889. The glasswork Bergdalahyttan is most famously known for their product line called Blåkant. This is a handmade glassware series that features a thin blue line on top edge, the Bergdala troll and a signature all in glass. Bergdalahyttan is also the only glasswork in Sweden with a wooden roof and flooring, which creates a genuine atmosphere of true craftsmanship that is rarely seen these days.