Champagne Sabre Oliv 27cm Laguiole
Champagne Sabre oliv 27cm
Champagne Sabre oliv 27cm
Champagne Sabre oliv 27cm in the group Serving & Tableware / Drink & Bar accessories / Wine & Bar accessories at ArtGlassVista (44444)

Champagne Sabre oliv 27cm

Artist: Laguiole , Laguiole
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    All Laguiole En Aubracs products are handmade by skilled craftsmen. Upon completion, each product receives a unique signature with information on which of the 13 factories the product was manufactured in. All products from Laguiole En Aubrac are engraved which is the certificate of authenticity.
    Depth / Length: 270 mm
    Height: 0 mm
    In the small mountain village of Laguiole in southern France there is a long history of craftsmanship. The workshop still manufactures, among other things, wine openers, cutlery, knives and folding knives with very high quality in accordance with old tradition. The Laguiole brand today stands for a solid craft and traditional design, and deserves a place in any modern kitchen.