Nero Beauty vase I Black Opaque Studio Glashyttan ┼hus
Nero Beauty vase I Black Opaque
Nero Beauty vase I Black Opaque in the group Interior design / Decoration / Sculptures at ArtGlassVista (47016)

Nero Beauty vase I Black Opaque

Artist: Lennart Nissmark
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    Height: 420 mm
    Studio Glashyttan ┼hus
    Glashyttan Studio AB in Åhus is a small company located in the southeastern part of Sweden right on the coast. Their motto is to always work with the highest quality in craftsmanship, design and materials. The glassworks started in 1977 by the the team of Hanne Dreutler and Arthur Zirnsack. Arthur Zirnsack since then handed over the responsibility to the "new generation" - Lennart Nissmark will now take care of and develop the Glashyttan Studio.For Lennart glass is an enchanting material with its many faces and greatly inspirational taking into consideration all the effort it takes to develop. "Working together in perfect harmony the glowing mass is shaped into new creations and designs with my own personal style and touch which is an inspiring and positive experience". Bringing the spirit of the glass into the future and to be a part of the endless development of this diverse, inspiring and beautiful material is something that all at Studio Glashyttan want to share with the world and for them "Glass is a way of life " Lennart Nissmark