Lunnefågel Målerås
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Artist: Mats Jonasson
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    Wildlife is designed by Mats jonasson, Målerås and consists of a series focusing on wildlife. The cast crystal blocks are sandblasted and hand-painted with motifs of various animals in a living environment. The blocks are handmade in Målerås, Sweden and signed at the bottom. The glass blocks are delivered in a gift box.
    Height: 105 mm
    Width: 125 mm
    Glass is a material, a craft, and an art form. It is from the interplay between them that genuine masterpieces are born. Mats Jonasson Målerås is home to traditional Swedish glass crafts and a strong Swedish artistic tradition, whilst representing a new generation of designers and craftsmen. Mats Jonasson Målerås creates both top quality household glassware and a unique form of art glass. Welcome to the world of Crystal!

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